My new Novella, Afterlife, is out now and available on Amazon!

“We’re offering to kill you, and it’ll cost you ten percent of your estate.”

Lawrence McKenzie: husband to an estranged wife, absent father to two kids, CEO to a company that wants him gone. Now the IRS wants to make an example of him.

A man approaches him in a bar and offers him a way out. A simple choice, really: federal prison, or an early retirement on a tropical island. With nothing left to lose, Lawrence makes a decision that will change his life forever.

But he quickly finds that Afterlife isn’t what he signed up for.

Afterlife is a debut novella by Sam Stephens set on a hidden tropical island in the middle of the Pacific. This story is for anyone that has wondered what it would be like to start again, a story of hope, hopelessness, and a devolving spiral into insanity.

BONUS: Contains a bonus award winning short story by Sam Stephens, “The Surgeon”.

Check it out here:

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