A new novella by Sam Stephens

“We’re offering to kill you, and it’ll cost you ten percent of your estate.”

Lawrence McKenzie: husband to an estranged wife, absent father to two kids, CEO to a company that wants him gone. Now the IRS wants to make an example of him.

A man approaches him in a bar and offers him a way out. A simple choice, really: federal prison, or an early retirement on a tropical island. With nothing left to lose, Lawrence makes a decision that will change his life forever.

But he quickly finds that Afterlife isn’t what he signed up for.

Set on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, The Afterlife is for anyone that has wondered what it would be like to start again; a story of hope, hopelessness, and a devolving spiral into the grip of insanity.

What people are saying about Sam Stephens:

“…well-written, well-paced. It’s also damned funny.”
— James Patterson

“Sam writes a crime thriller like the best on the market – good plots, twists, and underlying menace.”
— Greig Beck

“…took my breath away…powerful…it tapped into raw human emotion.”
— Sophie King

“Sam is a real talent to watch out for.”
— JJ Cooper

What people are saying about The Afterlife: 

“This has it all, millionaires, scandal, a private island paradise, and a psychotic killer. Vivid imagery, an almost-too-believable tale, and characters that leap off the page. A fast-paced page turner of suspense and horror; I couldn’t put it down.”
— Rookery Review

“I loved this. Vivid imagery, visceral horror, and page turning suspense.”
— DrkPrincess

“Loved the concept of this book and was not disappointed when it grabbed me right from the very first chapter. This is not a slow build up – you hit the ground running with action immediately, just as it should be. Awesome characters and edge-of-your-seat thrills.”
— Tiffany Rae


We need to talk about Sam

…well-written, well-paced. It’s also damned funny.


International best-selling author

Sam writes a crime thriller like the best on the market – good plots, twists, and underlying menace.


Author of the Alex Hunter Arcadian series

…took my breath away…powerful…it tapped into raw human emotion.


Short story writer and novelist


Sam grew up on the sunny Central Coast of Australia, just north of Sydney, where he still lives with his beautiful wife, two wonderful kids, two chirpy birds, and three indifferent goldfish.

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