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“The Surgeon”


“The Surgeon”

Awaking from a coma, Dean finds himself in a living nightmare.

He is weak, disorientated, and he can’t remember anything. But there is something about the doctor; the blood splattered surgeon that seems horribly familiar…

Exploring the madness of a desperate man, “The Surgeon” is a dark, award winning horror by Sam Stephens.


WINNER: Best Horror, Australian Literature Review, 2010.

“Hideous! Simply hideous! Well done.” — Trish Williams

“That was amazing – a real roller coaster. Just when I was thinking, ah, that’s it, another shocker was revealed.” — Colleen Bashford

“Excellent story.” — Pamela Tatt


I had part of this story tumbling around in the dark, cobweb strewn corner of my mind for a long time. Eventually the last pieces fell into place, and what resulted was The Surgeon.

This story is an exploration of broken trust, helplessness, and the animalistic determination to survive.

— Sam Stephens

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