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A deadly virus has leaked from a secure lab. Once infected, you start to feel tired and weak.

Then you die.

When Dr Peter Moore’s daughter is kidnapped, a twisted chase unfolds as Moore fights for a cure, while a sinister group fights for control of the virus. But for what purpose?

A worlds first, Airborne was a project between Random House Australia, Borders Australia, and James Patterson.

Sam Stephens was selected from thousands of Australian writers to be part of this exciting project. After winning a place on the “Airborne” writing team, Sam’s chapter was then selected by James Patterson personally, as his favourite chapter, giving Sam Stephens the honour of overall competition winner.

If you’d like to read the entry that won Sam Stephens a place on the Airborne team, you can do so here: Chain Thriller Winning Entry


“The dialogue is strong and it’s very visual. It brings out Detective Tribe’s tough, no-nonsense investigating approach and it provided some character development on one of the bikers. It’s also damned funny. Chapter 17 is well-written, well-paced and succeeds in anchoring the story brilliantly.” – James Patterson, International Bestselling Author

“Great job!!!! I am so thrilled with your chapter.” – Jess Pearson, Random House Australia

“In addition to writing a fantastic chapter, Sam has been really helpful. He has supported the writing team through offering great suggestions for plot lines and highlighting potential plot pitfalls.– Jess Pearson, Random House Australia


“The Airborne project was a fantastic experience. We were writing to a strict schedule: At 3PM each day we’d all be emailed the chapter the previous person had written. By 9AM the next morning we needed to have our own chapter plotted, written, emailed, and a release doc faxed off to Random House.

It was a pretty pulse-thumping experience, especially as you watched your chapter get closer and closer, and not having any idea of where the story would go. Then the previous chapter would arrive, and you’d madly read it, and start plotting out the next sequence of events.

It was a lot of fun, and Jess Pearson did a great job of whipping 28 different writers into line, and we produced what was a pretty good story. This is the project that made me finally reaslise, yes. I want to be a writer.” – Sam Stephens


 You can read Sam Stephen’s Winning Entry (and the one he didn’t submit) here:


Download and read “Airborne”, in its entirety here:



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