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A deadly virus has leaked from a secure lab. Once infected, you start to feel tired and weak. Then you die. When Dr Peter Moore’s daughter is kidnapped, a twisted chase unfolds as Moore fights for a cure, while a sinister group fights for control of the virus. But for what purpose? A worlds first, […]

"The Surgeon"

“The Surgeon”

  “The Surgeon” Awaking from a coma, Dean finds himself in a living nightmare. He is weak, disorientated, and he can’t remember anything. But there is something about the doctor; the blood splattered surgeon that seems horribly familiar… Exploring the madness of a desperate man, “The Surgeon” is a dark, award winning horror by Sam Stephens. […]



  “Daddy” is a dark look into the life of a father, his new born son, and an unfortunate gunman. A father sits in the spare room in the tiny flat he shares with his wife, and cholic cursed newborn son, trying to write. But the crying never stops. His wife sits on the lounge, goon […]

"Bad Grown-Ups"

“Bad Grown-Ups”

  “Bad Grown-Ups” Outback, Australia. Hot, dusty, empty. Secretive. On a holiday to save their marriage, a couple find themselves low on petrol and surrounded by the huge, empty expanse of the Australian desert. They finally find a petrol station…but quickly wish they hadn’t.   “It was so real I couldn’t stop looking!” — Trish […]

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