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New Anthology For World Literacy

Literacy seems to be a declining skill — and not just in developing nations, but in developed countries as well.

Early 2011, The Australian Literature Review will be releasing an charity anthology that will raise money for world literacy. Sam Stephens has been invited to take part in this, along with a number of other popular writers:

  • Sam Stephens
  • Tony Park
  • Sally Henderson
  • Kim Stanley Robinson
  • Michael White
  • Deborah Abela
  • Shaun Micallef
  • Kerry Brown
  • Colleen Bashford

New writers are also invited to take part, by submitting their work, from 1500-4000 words to The Australian Literature Review.

This is an unpaid collection, as the proceeds will be split between WorldReader.org and AutLit.net, with the money going towards literacy in Africa, and developing Australian writers, respectively.


Any new writer is familiar with the concept of writing without being paid for it. It’s just part of the trial-by-fire (or trial-by-poverty?) that every budding author has to battle through. This anthology is different, though. While we’re not getting paid for our work, the results of our writing will go towards helping world literacy. Our writing has the potential to really make a difference – and that’s a great feeling.

If you’ve ever considered writing a short story, this is a great project to be part of – submissions are open until 31st Dec. 2010. Get writing!

– Sam Stephens


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