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Best Chapter: James Patterson’s “Airborne”

James Patterson personally selected Sam Stephens’ chapter in “Airborne” as his personal favourite, and the over-all winner in the Chain Thriller competition and project.


Comments from James Patterson:

“Picking a winning chapter was tough as there is some very commendable writing in AirBorne. I chose Sam Stephens’ chapter 17 as my favorite for a couple of reasons.

AirBorne has many twists turns and a multitude of characters. It’s an action-packed ride and the writers had to juggle many storylines.

For chapter 17, Sam chose to focus on Detective Tribe and his interrogation of a key suspect and this focus gives the chapter a clear direction. It contains only one scene, one location and only two characters.

The dialogue is strong and it’s very visual. It brings out Detective Tribe’s tough, no-nonsense investigating approach and it provided some character development on one of the bikers. It’s also damned funny.

Chapter 17 is well-written, well-paced and succeeds in anchoring the story brilliantly.” – James Patterson, International Bestselling Author, www.jamespatterson.com


“I’m honoured that James Patterson, such a well respected and experienced industry legend, singled out my work amongst the other great writers who took part in this project.

After the dust settled, I spoke with James Patterson on the phone. He’s not only a man who knows his stuff (and is certainly happy to share it), but is a also a really good guy. I’m stoked I was able to be a part of this project!” – Sam Stephens


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