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Best Short Fiction: “Daddy”

“Daddy”, by Sam Stephens has been awarded first place in the Australian Literature Review short fiction competition.

You can read more about the competition here: AusLit Short Fiction Award

“Daddy” is a short story by Sam Stephens that digs deep into the psyche of a father trying his best to support his drunk wife, and colic and reflux suffering new born baby.

Full of desperation and dark humour, “Daddy” is a short story all parents can relate to.


Sophie King’s Review:

Sophie King – short story writer, novelist, author of several books on writing fiction, and creative writing teacher at Oxford University and privately – has provided her professional opinion of the winning and runner-up story.

“I thought both stories were very powerful but the one which took my breath away, both in terms of language, plot and overall polish, was Daddy by Sam Stephens.

I felt it tapped into raw human emotion which most parents would identify with. I liked the fact that it was from the father’s point of view but that it wasn’t soppy.

This is a man whose background is not sanitised. He has a drunken wife and he has possibly killed a man by the end. But his love for his family is so strong that somehow this doesn’t seem as shocking as it should.

It also has an ending which brings us neatly back to the beginning.” – Sophie King, www.sophieking.info



“‘Daddy’ is a story close to my heart. In fact, if you scraped out my soul and shook its contents onto the table, the pieces would look a little like ‘Daddy’. Because this was such a personal story for me, winning the Short Fiction award from AusLit was quite special. ” – Sam Stephens


You can find out more about “Daddy”, and
read it online here:
Daddy, by Sam Stephens


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